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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Lint Collected Inside the Exhaust Duct can ignite and Cause A Dryer Fire!


Using the right type of exhaust pipe is the first step in reducing lint buildup. Some vents are made of plastic-coated flexible wire. The 4" diameter white-plastic or aluminum-foil exhaust duct typically used to exhaust the heated air from clothes dryers can create a dangerous fire hazard if not inspected regularly and kept clean of lint. The ribbed surface inside can slow the air movement and catch lint.

A better solution is using sheet metal vent pipes. They are more fire resistant and can help contain a fire should one start. Another advantage of sheet metal vent pipes is the rigid metal cannot be smashed in between the wall and the dryer as easily as plastic vents.

To facilitate airflow the exhaust pipe should be as short as possible and have a limited number of bends. When designing your home or locating the clothes dryer, place it near an outside wall. Also use pop rivets, and not screws, to connect metal vent pipe pieces. The pop rivets do not collect as much lint as the threaded ends of screws inside the vent pipe.



And finally, properly maintain the dryer by cleaning the lint out of the exhaust vent pipe and the exhaust of the dryer at least once a year. Clean your lent screen before each use. Not only will you be reducing the chances of a dryer fire, but this should result in faster drying times and energy savings also.