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Hearth Accessories

We offer many different choices of Beautiful Accessories to use with your Fireplace. 

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You will find  Tool Sets, Gloves & Ash Containers, Wood Racks & Carriers, Oil Lamps & Candelabras, Hearth Rugs, Hearth Fenders and our Hearth Safety Gate

Have You Heard About the NEW Flexi-Brick??


     It's the easiest brick veneer on the market to install.  Using a notched trowel spread the Flexi-Brick morar over the area you wish to brick. Then embed the Flexi-Brick into the mortar.  Wipe the mortar joint smooth and you have a brick wall in no time.

  • Because Flexi-Brick is lightweight and flexible, there is virtually no limit to where it can be applied - interior or exterior.
  • Flexi-Brick is resistant to mechanical stress and building movement, and can be applied to curved or eneven surfaces.
  • Weighing apporximately 1 lb. per sq ft., and having a brick thickness of 1/8", eliminates the need for footings or brick ledges.
  • While Flexi-Brick can be installed as close as 6" to a heat source, it cannot be used as a heat shield material.  NOTE: Flexi-Brick is not fireproof, it is essential to use proper clearances from heat sources.
  • Flexi-Brick is composed of 92% specially mixed quartz sands and bonded with a poly-acrylic binder.  These materials are UV resistant and colored throughout the entire brick, preventing any fading.
  • Flexi-Brick comes in two colors, burned red and flamed gray.
  • Be sure to order some mortar, and corner pieces to apply to any right angles, for your project.
  • 90 Flat bricks will cover up to 15 sq. ft.
  • 32 Corner bricks will cover up to 8 linear ft.
  • 11 lbs. mortar will cover up to 20 sq. ft.
  • 20 year warranty


Item#      Price


 Flexi-Brick, burned red, flat 90 bricks  

44300     $ 120.00 

 Flexi-Brick, burned red, corner, 32 bricks 44302     $ 100.00 
 Flexi-Brick, flamed gray, flat 90 bricks 44305     $ 120.00 
 Flexi-Brick, flamed gray, flat 32 bricks 44308     $ 100.00 
 Flexi-Brick, light gray, mortar 11 lbs.

44310     $  45.00 


In Addition to Hearth Accessories, we offer Fireplace Accessories, Circulation Aids, Repair Products, Chimney Caps, Screens and Surrounds, Heat ReflectorsGas Log Sets, Smoke Detectors, Stove Pads and Chimney Pipe and much, much more.

Search our site for the item you are looking for. Click here for Product Search. 


Scroll down for more information on StoveScents Liquid Potpourri.


Img375.jpg Img379.jpgDid you know you could use the heat from any stove or insert to add wonderful aromas to the air with Stove Scents Liquid Potpourri?  For woodstoves the oils can be used in water with any kettle or stovetop steamer.  For gas, oil, or other low heat appliances, the oils are used with the unique ScentStones.  Either method brings the delightful scents of Carolina Breeze, Spice Cake, Winter Garland or Cirocq into the home. 

This starter merchandiser kit gives you four of each scent (16 total), plus eight ScentStones, all in an attractive shelf display box.  You can reorder a case of assorted scents with four of each scent.  You can also reorder a case of 12 ScentStones.  Order to use for yourself and give some as gifts your friends will thank you for! 






StoveScents Merchandising Display Starter Kit



 Assorted StoveScents, four @ of four scents,  in Case of 16



 ScentStones, Case of 12