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Welcome to Rhodesian Ridgeback Royals




We are very proud owners of Royalty!  Here's how it goes-

Simply     OUR MALE'S FATHER WAS BORN IN AFRICA!  We call him Royal.  He is "Industrial Grade"; just take a look at his page on the site. AKC registered, he is as beautiful and large as they come. He's the larger dog in this picture.

Our female is Roxy. She is a Red Wheaton with Black mask. She's the smaller dog in this picture and is also pure breed and registered.

We all live in Spicewood Texas just down the street from Willie Nelson's town of LUCK Texas. We love our puppies and feed them only the best premium natural pet foods.  They are extremely muscular, very active, keep themselves very clean and are soft like velvet with their short red wheaton fur.