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Human Grade Pet Food sells Horizon Legacy Grain-Free Pet Food
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The first most important step to take is to contact us!

We will tell you about clearing out the harmful products that are in your home and replacing them with the highest quality products available on the market today at low prices and all guaranteed to be just that!

If our products do not do everything we say and meet your expectations, you could return them for a full refund!

But you know what?  There is a 96% reorder rate for our products and we feel confident you will also be a repeat shopper for life....for your healthier life!

Get your own free catalog to shop from and have everything delivered to your home by ordering from a 1-800 number, or on the Web Site once your account is set up as a Preferred Customer.

There is a one time fee plus tax to be a wholesale shopper.  This is an incredibly low price so that anyone over 18 can open an account (this fee is refundable for 120 days if you wish to cancel your account for any reason) - so there is absolutely NO RISK for you in any way, only Better Health for everyone!

Contact Us right away for you FREE catalog.

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A Wellness  can open your Preferred Customer account  CALL or EMAIL Us.