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"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. My 14 year old lab who has had some health challenges stopped eating his regular kibble and would not eat any of the canned foods we tried - we feared the worst. Our local pet store recommended Pulsar and gave us some samples to try. I brought the bag home, opened it and offered him some. He plowed through the whole bag in seconds!!! It has been a whole week and he is still loving it. It has restored his strength. Thanks so much!" - Shawna (9/6/12)

"Hello - just wanted to send a quick email saying THANK YOU!! Pulsar is the ONLY kibble on the market that I have found to help my boxer Duke. He just had an allergy test and it revealed he was allergic to many of the common ingredients in most kibble brands. My local pet store thought of your brand - this product is perfect for him and I pray that you continue making it. I will definitely recommend this brand. Once again thank for a great product and Duke is sending you a happy wiggle. Thank you!!!!!” - Nancy (8/23/12)

"My wife first tried your Pulsar Chicken formula when we brought home a free sample from a local pet store 6 months ago. Louis, our 15 year old Papillion, has always eaten his dog food as a last resort (to tablescraps, dropped morsels or unattended plates). We noticed immediately that he was actually eating your food with enthusiasm for the first time ever. Now it is his main staple! Thank you for your fine product!" - Thomas

"We have a pug, Charlie, that has been bothered by constant yeast infections for about 3 years with infected eyes, ears and was just not well. He has seen 5 different vets for these problems and we finally found one that knew what to do. Along with her advice and medication we were give samples of Pulsar. We have never seen such a difference in his well being. He has had the chicken grain- free and fish formula. What a wonderful food! Thank you for your time and effort to make a healthy dog food!" - Ella

"I just wanted to say I love your dog food! Keep up the great work and PLEASE! PLEASE! never compromise your values. Too many dog food companies sell out! Thanks for making such amazing products!!" -Your loyal customer Steven

"Hello! I just wanted to send a message to let you know how impressed we are with your brand. We have two adopted/rescue dogs, we feed them Horizon Legacy and I must say, your brand is amazing! Being rescues, they were not in the best condition...their coats were not great, way to skinny, just not an overall healthy appearance. Our first rescue, Forest, is a Golden Retriever cross, and he is absolutely stunning now! We have been feeding him Legacy since we got him two years ago. Our second rescue, Bear, a Border Collie cross, has been on Legacy since we adopted him this past March. Bear is all black so his fur is very easy to tell if it is healthy or not and let me tell you, since coming to his new home, he is just beautiful now! Gorgeous shiny black coat. Both my boys have gained weight to make them the perfect healthy size, and their overall health is outstanding. Your product is something I tell everyone about, and I will continue to do so. Born and raised in SK, I am even more proud that this super product comes from home! :) Thank you for your products and even more, thank you for allowing me to buy locally and support my province's businesses!! Have a great day!" - Brandi --One very proud dog "mom" who has to gorgeous dogs thanks to your top quality products!

"We adopted a 1-1/2 year old lab cross from the SPCA last year. We wanted to give him a good high quality food and as soon as we saw yours, we immediately were sold on it. We especially liked the fact that we would be supporting a local (Saskatchewan) company. Well, Bently has been eating the Legacy dog food for over a year now and he has the most amazing coat. Everyone who meets Bently automatically comments on his beautiful, shiny coat. Would love to send you a picture of Bently to show you his coat. You have a great product with the legacy dog food." - Shannon

"My dog loves your dog do I know? I put a handful in with her old kibble and mixed it up. Holly (dog) painstakingly took out all the old kibble and put it on the floor, then ate yours! How funny. She kept doing this so I just didn't slowly wean her over, after 3 days of this I just give her Horizon Legacy now." - Donna

"Awesome job guy's! I live on Vancouver Island and just found True Blue has your food now! I'm switching my dog over. I have a Facebook, (nanaimo/parksville dog owners) group and I'm telling everyone about your products my name is Aaro.n Butler, I hope your proud of what you do!!! (Be)cause you should be." - Aaron

"I just got samples of both formulas of your food and so far my dog really likes it! We adopted him as a 2 year old and he came to us with obvious grain allergies. I am so glad that we have found a food that he likes and that I know is going to help him return to good health. Thank you so much!" - Kimbrah

"Thank you so much for your new pulsar food! My Coonhound and Irish Wolfhound love it. Thank you for remembering the giant guys, thats what made me try the food, the feeding guidelines go up to 160lbs (not quite enough but closer than any other food) my wolfhound is 170lbs and still growing :)" - Leah

"Hello, I am just emailing to say I bought some of your pet food in Saskatoon last week and my cats love it .I got 3 cat of my own I feed all the stray cats in my town and I gave them your food and they are doing good. I am just emailing to say keep up the good work. Thank you for your time." - Paul

"Hi. First of all I am a huge fan of your product. My 3 y/o Standard Schnauzer has been on the Legacy food ever since I switched her off of the breeder recommended puppy food. In fact her breeder switched all of her dogs to Horizon after I made her aware of the brand. My question. Tomorrow we are getting a new puppy. She is a Portuguese Water Dog. I am wondering what food to start her on. She is 10 weeks old. I've looked at the Legacy Puppy and the Complete Puppy and am trying to determine which is better. Like I said my Standard is on Legacy adult so I'd like them both to be on the same food eventually, I'm just trying to figure out which one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated." - Chris

"We are the proud (human) companions of Hunter, a seven month old golden retriever. From the day Hunter came home, his food sensitivities were a concern. That was until we came to know of Horizon Legend. His tummy issues have resolved completely. He is a vibrant, energetic, funny puppy with bright eyes and gorgeous coat. He loves the kibble so much, we use them as treats. Thanks for the efforts your company employs to provide a great food. Hunter gives Horizon two paws up.... " - Mercedes

"Hello, we have a 2 year old black lab and we love your legacy food. Her coat is super shiny and is constantly noticed and complemented by strangers. Even our vet, who had not previously heard of your food, is extremely impressed. The problem is that the food is getting harder and harder for us to find. We've gone to almost every pet shop in a 20-30 mile radius of our Pittsburgh area home. The one shop that did carry it, Burton's Total Pet, no longer carries it in the big bags. We then resorted to purchasing it online at Pet Food that worked out for about 8 months but now it appears that they only carry the complete but not the legacy. Could you point us in the direction of another local retailer near me (zip code 15044) that actually carries the big bags or give us an idea of an online retailer to try? We really love your product but are afraid that we might have to switch to Orijen or another one of your competitors if we cannot find a reliable source." - Dan

"I am very happy with your complete dog food! I started Spock on the complete puppy, and his coat was wonderfully soft, and he was regular and all of that good stuff. I switched him in an effort to save money (and mostly for experimentation) to that Pedigree Vitality crap and he's all kinds of greasy. His coat is gross and he seems much more tired than before. So back to Horizon we go!" - Courtenay