These Chase Covers are made of either 24-ga. stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel painted black, or .040 thick aluminum.

Since they are custom made, you can order them with or without holes. If you are ordering with holes, you should also add the optional cover to keep out water. You can also order a drip edge on the bottom to divert water away from the chase. When ordering, here's what you need: dimensions of each side; diameter of each hole you want (if no hole or center hole, this is all we need), if multiple holes needed, we'll need an exact drawing to show us hole placement.

Special Order Gelco Chase Covers are non-returnable since each is constructed to your exact specifications.

Please fill out all the data in the form below and try to be as precise as possible. Once we receive the form, we will contact you with an estimate and have it made if you wish. All fields MUST be filled out! Use the graphic layout pictures below to properly enter into online form!


The best way to have all the measurements that we need for your custom chase cover is to use a Gelco Chase Cover Worksheet located below the link to this document. This can be downloaded from our website and faxed into us for a quote.

As a Gelco Chase Cover fits just over the outside of the brick (or wood chase) of the chimney, your measurements must be accurate to within 1/8”.  Mortar joints are not always the same width, so one side of a chimney could be longer than another, please do not estimate your measurements.  The manufacturer will allow a fraction of an inch for proper clearance, so do not “pad” your measurements either.  Exact diagonal measurements from corner to corner are needed as well to ensure a proper fit if the measurements are not completely square.

If holes are required in the chase cover, provide exact diameters of the holes, and remember, a fraction of an inch will be added to ensure hat the hole fits the pipe perfectly.  And, unless you want a single hole placed “dead center” in the middle of the Gelco Chase Cover, also provide exact dimensions to each hole from all four sides.  This allows the holes to be precisely placed for each custom application.  If there are multiple holes in a chase cover, we require that you provide a drawing showing the placement – just to be sure we get it right.

The collar for each hole can be ordered in 1” increments up to 6” (the standard collar height is 2”) and is critical for keeping out water.  The skirt is also available in increments of 2”, up to 9” (again, the standard dimension is 2” for the skirt as well.)